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Information Technology for Business

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The subject examines the goals and functions of Information Technology in the business environment. As we enter the digital revolution, successful organisations must deal effectively with intense global competition and an increasingly rapid pace of change. For an organisation to thrive in today’s Internet economy, managers and functional specialists in all areas must perform their jobs even more effectively and efficiently. IT becomes the tool that enables all organisations to solve increasingly complex problems and to capitalise on opportunities that contribute to the success and the survival of the organisation. This subject is based on the fundamental premise that the major role of Information Technology is to support organisational functions. The aim of the subject is to teach business majors how to use IT to master their current jobs and to help ensure the success of their organisation. The focus is not only based on learning the concepts of IT but rather on applying those concepts to facilitate business processes.

Level of Programme: Degree level
Credit Value: 4
Mode of Delivery: Online
Mode of Assessment: Online Lecture, Online Workshop with discussions, real-life cases, role playing and tutorials. Online assessment.
Delivery Timeline: NA
Credit Transfer: Bachelor of Business (Hons)
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