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Scientific Thinking and Academic Writing Course Overview

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This skills-focused course aims to help you develop your ability to think and write in a scientific manner. Over the course of this subject, we will be equipping you with the skills needed to search, categorize, and summarize academic literature, develop convincing arguments using evidence, and critique scientific findings. We will also equip you with the ability to write your own literature reviews and enhance your academic writing style. The course is practical and collaborative, with activities in both lectures and tutorials to help you develop skills needed to be a capable researcher and scientist.


This module aims to provide students with:

  1. An introduction to the basic structure and elements in scientific writing, as the foundation for better understanding and critiquing scientific reports.
  2. Approaches towards critiquing academic literature, equipping students with the skills and confidence to question academic literature.
  3. Activities to practice academic writing and professional writing in a social and collaborative manner.
  4. Knowledge of the structure and expectations of literature reviews in scientific reports.