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Strategic Opportunities And Decision Making

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The module seeks to develop a critical approach to strategy management in a business, whilst also exploring the development of key management disciplines and in providing the opportunity to reflect upon debates regarding the purpose of business, different stakeholder perspectives, different modes of organising and the variety of models for creating and exploiting value. The objective of this module is to draw together the knowledge of individual disciplinary areas of the Doctoral candidates to further enhance the analysis of on-going businesses including not-for-profit organizations. In this manner, the diverse interests of stakeholders – key executives, customers, buyers, owners and other interested parties – will be better examined. Substantial attention will be given to selecting and formulating goals and objectives and to the formulation of strategies and policies for reaching corporate goals and objectives. The design of organization structures, systems, and processes necessary for implementation of such strategies and policies will also be discussed, using case studies and work-based issues.

Credit Value: 3
Mode of Delivery: Blended
Mode of Assessment: Assignments
Delivery Timeline: Modular basis