1. What is the Analytics Cluster of Micro-credentials?

The Analytics Cluster of Micro-credentials (henceforth known as Analytics Cluster) is a cluster of FOUR (4) Micro-credential courses namely:
a. Introduction of Database Systems
b. Introduction to Programming
c. Business Statistics
d. Business Analytics for Decision Making

These courses are offered at an attractive price for learners to increase their capabilities and skills in analytics. These micro-credential courses are unbundled from the Bachelor in Business Analytics (Hons) and Bachelor in Information Technology (Hons) Data Analytics programs at HELP University. This means that learners can potentially obtain credit exemption into either of these two programs upon completing this course satisfactorily.

Learners need only pay RM 1200 to enrol into any one of these micro-credential courses. Learners can subsequently pay RM1000 to receive a digital badge with MMS information which can be used for credit exemption/credit transfer into academic programs here at HELP University.

2. Do the micro-credential courses in the Analytics Cluster constitute a formal academic qualification or professional certification?

No. Completing all FOUR (4) MC courses in the Analytics Cluster does not confer any formal academic qualification or professional certification. These courses have been curated specifically because their content knowledge synergizes with each other to equip learners with well-rounded technical and managerial skills in analytics. Therefore, we would encourage all learners to complete all the MCs in the Analytics Cluster.

3. How much do I need to pay for each course in the Analytics Cluster?

The subject fee for one course in this Analytics Cluster is RM1200. Upon payment, learners are enrolled into weekly classes and can sit for a final assessment to assess their learning.

If the learner wishes to obtain a digital badge to certify their achievement they will need to pay RM1000 for each badge.

The academic institution reserves the right to recognize the relevance and currency of the course content for purposes of credit transfer/credit exemption using this digital badge.

4. When are the 4 courses offered in a year?

All 4 courses are offered in January and August.

5. What is the study duration of each course?

A single course is 14 weeks long non inclusive of final examination week.

6. How are lessons delivered in these courses?

The lessons are delivered through a mix of synchronous sessions and asynchronous self-directed material. Learners are required to attend scheduled classes and attempt all assigned learning materials. Some courses may adopt an asynchronous mode of learning where it is the learner’s responsibility to cover the assigned material.

Due to the current pandemic, all lessons are delivered online.

7. Do I need to take all 4 courses at the same time?

You do not need to take all 4 courses in the same semester. You can take as many courses as you can handle per semester.

Note that the university reserves the right not to offer a subject for that semester.

8. What is the maximum validity of the digital badge?

The digital badge is valid if the University deems that the subject content is still relevant to the academic program you wish to apply credit transfer into. If the University deems that the knowledge learnt is no longer current, relevant, and valid, we have a right to reject your credit transfer application.

9. What criteria must be fulfilled to receive a digital badge for the course?

Learners need to pay RM1000 to receive a digital badge. They also must fulfil the completion requirements for the course. This includes, but is not limited to, submitting all assignments and obtaining a passing mark on the final examination and overall passing grade in the course.

10. Do learners have to attempt the examinations for that course?

Yes, learners must attempt the examinations of the course.

11. Am I awarded any kind of recognition even if I decide not to pay RM1000 for the digital badge?

Yes, learners who fulfill completion requirements of the course will be given a certificate of completion. You will not be issued an academic transcript of your results.

Note that HELP University does not recognize this certificate of completion for purposes of credit transfer.

12. How much time do I have from when I finished a course in the Analytics Cluster for me to obtain a digital badge?

There is no time limit for you to obtain the digital badge after you have completed a micro-credential course.

However, the university still reserves the right to not recognize the credits for exemption or transfer due if we deem that the knowledge in that micro-credential is no longer current or relevant to the academic program the learner intends to apply into.

13. Can I defer my studies due to extenuating circumstances?

No, you are not able to defer your studies. If you decide not to attempt the final examinations, you will have been deemed to have sat for and failed the examinations. However, you may reattempt the course by paying the enrolment fee of RM1200 if that course is being offered.

14. If I fail a course, do I have to pay to reattempt the course?

Yes, you will have to pay RM1200 to reattempt a course. You will not be able to obtain a digital badge if you have not passed the course.

15. Do I need to fulfil any entry requirements to apply for the micro-credential courses?

No, there is no entry requirements for enrolment into micro-credential courses. However, it is the learner’s responsibility to ensure that he is adequately prepared to understand the course materials.

16. How do I make use of my digital badge?

You may use your digital badge to seek credit exemption from the Bachelor of Business Analytics (Hons) offered by the Faculty of Business, Economics and Accounting OR Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons) Data Analytics offered by the Faculty of Computing and Digital Technology.

If you have the digital badge from all 4 micro-credentials in the Analytics Cluster, you are entitled up to 16 credit hours exemption, which is equivalent to one semester of study.

17. Is my digital badge valid for credit transfer into academic programs offered by other institutions?

It is the learner’s responsibility to check the credit transfer policy of a particular Higher Education Provider (HEP) to ensure that the digital badge issued by HELP University is recognized by that HEP. HELP University will not be held liable if the learner’s digital badge is not accepted for credit transfer into other HEP’s.