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Emerging Issues In Financial Decision Making

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The financial monetary system is undergoing a structural change, that involves institutional setting, instruments and articulation of the system, affecting individuals and organizations. This course will evaluate the impact of megatrends at different level of financial decision-making, through case studies. For example, the independence of Central Bank in key decisions on the conduct of monetary policy, including change in the official interest rate; firm’s decision making affecting the sources of finance and investment decisions; and Personal decision-making in wealth management and insurance. Learners will also be able to evaluate the decision-making process in complex contexts – relatively to individuals and organizations – and to develop strategies to address the main contemporary issues and challenges in the global context.

Credit Value: 3
Mode of Delivery: Blended
Mode of Assessment: Assignments
Delivery Timeline: Modular basis
Start Date: 01/03/2021
End Date: 10/04/2021

USD 250 (Without Digital E-Cert)
USD 500 (With Digital E-Cert)