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Tips to an Executive Housekeeper - Roles and Responsibilities

  • Description

This award equips you with all you need to excel in housekeeping daily duties-from room preparation to room finishes. It is designed in the structured learning experiences whereby students should be able to identify effective workflow systems in the accommodation management tasks thus able to obtain maximum and maximize profits for the hotel. In the same time, students may undergo step by step procedure in doing bed making following hotel SOP.

Learning Outcomes

  • Analyze the different roles in housekeeping and the duties of housekeeping staff
  • Develop your customer service, time management and organization skills
  • Organize the structure of the housekeeping team and the nature of teamwork

Level of Programme: Certificate Level
Credit Value: 1
Mode of Delivery: Online
Mode of Assessment: Assessments via quizzes/ MCQ, and assignments
Delivery Timeline: NA
Credit Transfer: Part of Hospitality Management / Tourism Management Programme
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